C2KIT’s laptops are remanufactured to BS 8887 standards.
C2KIT’s laptops are remanufatured to at least their original performance.
Each laptop comes with a warranty similar to that of a new product.
C2KIT’s laptops do not contain repaired or reconditioned parts.
C2KIT’s remanufacturing and tesing process ensures that each laptop is within all original design specifications.
The laptops' chassis are completely restored.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops all have solid state drives.
C2KIT’s laptop keyboards can potentially outlast new keyboards due to a specialised revitalisation technique.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops undergo a 100-point quality check during the ISO standards approval.
All C2KIT’s laptops undergo a 5+ hour remanufacturing process.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops’ batteries are covered under C2KIT’s limited warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with a standard 24-month limited warranty.
C2KIT warranties can be extended to a 36-month warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

ABOUT US Green Arrow

C2KIT Computer Supplies Limited is a specialised premium B2B supplier of enterprise grade performance remanufactured laptops and refurbished desktops. We pride ourselves in being an ethical, environmentally conscious IT supplier. C2KIT is committed to having a positive impact by providing an affordable, fit for purpose, sustainable computing solution who does not compromise on performance or quality.

C2KIT aspires to deliver carbon neutral affordable IT. We contribute to sustainable computing by recycling laptops and desktop computers, keeping them out of landfill by extending their useful life and adding to the circular economy.

Our core values underpin everything we do at C2KIT

We do what we say we are going to do

We deliver no-compromise products and services.

Customer Understanding

We ensure that we understand our customer’s needs and that our customers know exactly what they are getting.

Solutions orientated
We provide fit for purpose, enterprise grade, remanufactured laptops and refurbished desktop computers.

Exceptional customer experience
We deliver a life cycle management solution for our customers from sourcing to end-of-life electronics recycling.

C2KIT Support

Excellent customer service
We go the extra mile to deliver best in the sector, customer service and support.

Quality Assured

Quality Assurance
We only supply certified and quality guaranteed products, supported by a warranty.

The C2KIT Group has over 10 years’ experience in the preowned computer market. Originating in South Africa, we expanded into international markets when we opened our Surrey based, UK offices in 2017.

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Today, the Group has 140 employees, across two continents. C2KIT has a world-class, dedicated sales and technical support centre, staffed by highly experienced and qualified IT professionals.

C2KIT has supplied HP, Dell and Lenovo remanufactured laptops and refurbished desktops to over 1500 companies, across two continents. We offer both a rental and buy solution. C2KIT’s Rental Life Cycle Management Solution offers our clients a hassle free, sustainable computing solution for their business whilst maximising their spending power and better managing their cash flows.

Lifecycle Rental Solution
24 Month Limited Warranty36 Month Limited Warranty

All C2KIT’s Quality Assurance certified remanufactured laptops and refurbished desktops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and are covered by a standard 24-month limited warranty or a 36-month limited rental warranty.

C2KIT Free Delivery

Place your online order on our website or give us a call on 0203-399-8530 and we will deliver your order directly to your door, anywhere in the United Kingdomfree of charge