Benefits of Laptop Rental

Benefits of Laptop Rental

No upfront cost

  • With business Laptop Rental you don’t have to pay the full cost of the asset up front, so you don’t use up your cash or have to borrow money.  Keep your cash working for you in your business and not on depreciating assets.

Access to a higher standard

  • You have access to a higher standard of equipment, which might be too expensive for you to buy outright. Without access to high quality remanufactured Business laptop rental UK, you would have to buy Cheap Laptops or pay out large amounts of capital on laptops, which would not have the specifications to do the job that your business needs them todo.  This would translate into high support and maintenance charges and early unbudgeted upgrades.  The end result is you would buy cheap laptops and end up spending a lot more than the Monthly Rental from C2KIT Rentals.

Pay as you use

  • You pay the rental installments as you use the laptop, which helps you budget for the future.   It is not Laptop Finance, as you don’t own the assist and therefore the asset is not your responsibility to fix.  If something goes wrong with the laptop you contact our maintenance department and we will sort you out, so there are no nasty costly surprises.  Unlike Laptop Finance, at the end of the 24-month contract, we collect the laptop and supply you with a later model from our Remanufactured laptop range and you start a new Business Laptop Rental Contract.

Fixed Rental Rate

  • With traditional Laptop Finance, as the interest rate goes up and down, so does your monthly installment.  With C2KIT Rentals, your rental rates are fixed, therefore it is easier to forecast cash flow.

Spread costs over time

  • You can spread the cost over a long period of time and match payments to your income.  If your business is growing or going through a rapid growth spurt, you may need a number of laptops quick.  You don’t want to let the cost of your laptops slow you down and the last thing you want to do is buy cheap laptops.  This is where Business Laptop Rentals UK can help, you can spread your costs out over time, as each laptop has a fixed monthly cost, and so doing your company can grow with the technology it needs, when it needs it.

Tax deductibility

  • Your business can deduct the full cost of the laptop lease from your taxable income.  This is the same with Business Laptop rentals, the rental is seen as an expense and the total amount can be written off to tax.  This gives you the benefit of claiming the full benefit of the expense back immediately rather than having to wait three years for this asset to depreciate.  With laptops, the value of the asset devalues very quickly and by the time the asset is three years old it holds little to no value, it actually costs your company to get rid of the “asset”.  After two years, C2KIT Rentals takes the asset back at no cost to your company, destroys the data and most importantly, supplies a Newly Remanufactured replacement laptop, delivered to your door.

Avoid risks of overdraft or loan finance

  • If you have not bought the asset outright via traditional Laptop Finance, you won’t have to worry about any overdraft or other loan was taken out to finance the purchase being withdrawn at short notice, forcing early payment.

No maintenance costs

  • If you use our full maintenance plan, you will not have to worry about maintenance, for either core software or the laptop hardware.  If something goes wrong we will sort the laptop out.  C2KIT Rentals is always making continuous improvement to it’s remanufactured products, making advances on the original design.

Risk of failure

  • We carry the risks if the equipment breaks down, all our products come with a contract life limited warranty, which we are making continuous improvements to.  If you buy cheap laptops, rather than Renting high-grade business laptops your risk of failure is higher as they won’t be business grade laptops.

Benefit from our price and knowledge advantages

  • By renting through us, you get a better deal on price than a small business could and gain access to superior product knowledge.  You make continuous improvement to your IT infrastructure as you receive replacement laptops every two years and in most cases at no additional monthly cost.

Upgrades available for a small monthly rental adjustment

  • If you need to upgrade or replace the equipment, you can simply make a small adjustment to your regular payment rather than invest a lump sum upfront and make continuous improvement to your equipment.