C2KIT’s laptops are remanufactured to BS 8887 standards.
C2KIT’s laptops are remanufatured to at least their original performance.
Each laptop comes with a warranty similar to that of a new product.
C2KIT’s laptops do not contain repaired or reconditioned parts.
C2KIT’s remanufacturing and tesing process ensures that each laptop is within all original design specifications.
The laptops' chassis are completely restored.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops all have solid state drives.
C2KIT’s laptop keyboards can potentially outlast new keyboards due to a specialised revitalisation technique.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops undergo a 100-point quality check during the ISO standards approval.
All C2KIT’s laptops undergo a 5+ hour remanufacturing process.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops’ batteries are covered under C2KIT’s limited warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with a standard 24-month limited warranty.
C2KIT warranties can be extended to a 36-month warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.



What is meant by B2B”?

“Business to Business”. Typically, C2KIT rents laptops and desktops to businesses.

Why does C2KIT offer a limited range of rental products?

We only sell tried and tested enterprise level performance products from world-renowned premium brands, that meet C2KIT’s high Quality Assurance standards. By focusing on a limited range, we specialise in our chosen products and can cover any of the risk factors. This also means that we don’t have to increase rental premiums during the Rental Agreement.

Customer Understanding
C2KIT Packaged

When I first receive my rental laptop and/or desktop, what can I expect?

C2KIT customers receive their new purchase in a protective retail box. The retail box contains a Remanufactured Laptop or Refurbished desktop with the power supply / power cable.

Can I purchase the rental computer at the end of the rental contract?

As C2KIT adheres to the principals of sustainable computing as part of our Rental Life Cycle Management Solution, rental computers are not offered for sale at the end of a rental period. Returned rental computers are accessed and either recycled or disposed of in an environmental and ethical way.

Lifecycle Rental

Is it possible to rent several laptops and/or desktops for my business?

C2KIT have a range of top brand laptops and desktops to choose from and a single consolidated rental premium is available for multiple computers rented at the same time.

Does C2KIT distribute through retail stores?

C2KIT is a B2B online supplier with a central warehouse that delivers, collects and returns.

C2KIT Free Delivery

Does C2KIT have any professional affiliations or memberships?

C2KIT is registered with the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program, is a member of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce and of Business Network International (BNI).

Microsoft Regsitered Refurbisher
Surrey Chamber of Commerce