Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Hardware Questions and Answers

  • Does the 24-month warranty cover the battery?

Our hardware warranty covers batteries for the lifetime of your Rental Contract Terms and Conditions apply.

  • What performance can I expect from my Remanufactured laptop’s battery?

You get a tested and working battery that will give you a minimum of 90 minutes of normal working time when disconnected from a power source.  If you believe your battery is underperforming, contact our call center and we’ll arrange a test on the battery with specialized battery testing software.  If this test fails the battery we will send you a replacement battery.


Warranty Questions and Answers

  • How do we return the laptop to you if we have a problem with it?

Your first step is to Log a fault on our website under the warranty section.  Alternatively, call our contact center at 020 36482320 for support.  If the fault is thought to be a hardware fault and the Laptop needed for repair, we will collect your laptop and then return it to you within 5 working days;

  • How long does it take to get my laptop returned when it is in for repair?

Once the problem is assessed by our remote support center, we will give an estimate of the time it will take to repair. Our repairs usually take place within 5 working days but can be expedited for an additional fee.

  • How does the remote support service work?

If you have a problem with your laptop you can contact our offices via email, online chat, by filling an online support form, or by phoning our office.

This is our default Limited Warranty option that covers your laptop or notebook for the full length of the rental.

  • What is covered and what is not:

Our “Full Rental Life Hardware Warranty” covers your equipment for any form of hardware mechanical or electrical failure arising from normal use, including the battery.  The battery is covered under the warranty and is expected to give you a minimum of one hour of normal use while running under battery power only.  The operating system and third-party software is not covered under our warranty, Terms and Conditions Apply.


Contract related questions

  • What can I do when I get my laptop and I find that I’m not happy with the model I’ve chosen?

Within 24 hours of receiving the Laptop, contact your consultant to confirm the details of your equipment’s return.  If you have elected to replace, the consultant will agree with you on the replacement model and we will send your replacement laptop within 5 working days.  All replacements are subject to Terms of Conditions.

  • How long will it take to find out if my application is successful?

From the time of receiving your application, we aim to make contact within 2 working days.

  • What happens if I damage my Rental Laptop?

You are required to insure your Laptop for damage, loss or theft.  The insurance must cover your Laptop for the cost of repairs or replacement.  To get the Laptop repaired or replaced you need to connect with our call center 020 3648 2320

  • How do I arrange to cancel my application? I have changed my mind and the Laptop has not yet been delivered?

Please contact us or email

  • I want to cancel my rental agreement and return the Laptop. Can this be done?

Our Rental Agreements continue for a full 24-month period unless a written termination notice is granted by us according to our terms and conditions;

An application for termination can be submitted, and this will be considered in accordance with the terms and conditions.

  • How long are C2KIT Rental agreements?

Our Rental Agreements are for a 24 month period;

The Rental Agreement can be extended on a month to month basis after 24 months;

Alternatively, a separate purchase contract can be signed at the beginning of the Rental period for an additional £3 (excl VAT) per month, or this contract can be entered into at the end of the Rental period for a fixed payment, which is currently £60 (excl VAT).

  • Can I upgrade?

You can upgrade your Laptop’s memory, battery and hard drive for an increase to your monthly rental, which will include the collection fee and labor costs;

You are only able to replace your Laptop at the end of the 24-month rental contract period.

  • Does C2KIT Rentals contract with individuals?

Yes, we will consider your application if its done through a family business or if you operate as a sole trader and have the necessary documents to show this.

  • Can I extend the term of my rental contract?

The 24-month rental contract can be extended on a month by basis by contacting C2Kit Rentals on 020 36482320 or by sending an email to


Remanufactured and Refurbished related questions

Remanufacturing is a more thorough process than refurbishing and involves a physical inspection, replacement of worn parts and extensive testing.  For our remanufactured Laptops, we replace the battery, ensure there is a solid-state drive and we take extra care to restore the outer casing to make the Laptop look as good as new. We also use a specialized technique on our keyboards to ensure lettering outlasts the original specifications.

Simply put, you will think a C2KIT Rental remanufactured product is new – unless we tell you it’s remanufactured.

  • How rigorous is the testing process used when laptops are remanufactured?

We have over 100 quality checks in our ISO standards approved the remanufacturing process.  We are always measuring our Laptops and developing ways of improving their performance.

  • What benefits do you get from renting a Remanufactured Laptop compared to buying a New Laptop?

Remanufactured Laptops cost up to 50% less than new, and have performance levels within standard office environments of between 93% and 97% when compared to new Laptops.

When this large price advantage is combined with Rental, you get the following benefits compared to paying upfront for a new Laptop:

  1. No upfront cost
  2. Lower overall cost
  3. Upgrades are available for a small monthly rental adjustment
  4. Fixed interest rate
  5. Costs are spread over time
  6. Improved cash flow
  7. Tax deductibility of rental premiums
  8. Continuous maintenance support at no extra cost
  9. No risk of hardware failure (or software failure if an optional warranty is taken)
  10. Lower cost means it is affordable to select a higher level of Laptop
  11. Benefit from our price and knowledge advantages
  12. Ease of disposal
  • Will C2KIT Rental laptops have the latest Windows updates?

As part of our 100-point check on all laptops leaving our warehouse, Windows Update is run to ensure that the laptops have the latest updates. Laptops are then boxed and packaged for dispatch. From the time they are packaged to when they arrive at your office, additional updates may have been released.

As a precaution, we advise our customers to run Windows Update as soon as they receive their rental laptop.


Financial and Accounting Related Questions

  • What are the tax advantages of using the Rental equipment?

In any context where you use your Laptop to generate taxable income, the Laptop Rental payments will be tax deductible.

  • Will the Rental amount change during the course of the Rental Agreement?

Your monthly rental premiums will remain fixed during the term of the contract, so there are no surprises.

  • What difference is there between Renting and Leasing?

We refer to Rental because the laptop remains the property of the financing company, and the rental period is generally shorter than typical lease agreements.

Our clients usually associate leasing with longer-term contracts, where they take ownership upfront or at the end of the agreement, and therefore pay higher monthly premiums.

  • What is “Cashflow”?

Cash flow refers to the total amount of money being transferred into and out of your business’ bank account.

  • What is meant by “Upfront Cost”?

We use the term “Upfront Cost” to refer to the full amount you would pay for a new Laptop at the time of purchase.

Payment of this Upfront amount is avoided under our rental agreement, and this will benefit your cash flow.

  • What payment method does C2KIT Rentals offer?

All rental payments are made monthly by Direct Debit.

  • Is a delivery charge payable?

There is no delivery charge on our Rental Laptops.

  • Are there any charges in addition to the monthly Rental payment?

All fees are included in the monthly rental charge, including the optional software warranty fee if this warranty is selected.  You may elect to sign a purchase contract at the beginning or at the end of the Rental Agreement, for an additional monthly charge or an additional once-off charge as appropriate.

  • Can more than one Laptop be rented at a time?

Initially, you can enter the number of Laptops you want to rent on our online rental request.  The rental premiums for any additional Laptops you rent will be added to the total monthly amount payable.


Business Related Questions 

  • What is meant by “b2b”?

“Business to Business”. Typically, C2KIT Rentals’ laptops are rented to businesses.

  • Why does C2KIT Rentals offer a limited range of products?

By focusing on a limited range we get to know our chosen products very well and do not need to increase rental premiums to cover risk factors that are unknown.

  • When I first receive my Rental laptop, what can I expect?

A new Rental customer receives a retail box with an outer sleeve. The sleeve contains a warranty card with information and a copy of the rental contract. The laptop and power supply are delivered in the protective retail box.

  • Can I purchase the Laptop at the end of the rental contract?

C2KIT Rentals has a separate contract for the sale of its previously rented Laptops.

This contract can be entered into at the same time that you sign your rental contract, and an additional £3 (excl VAT) will be billed each month to cover the purchase price of your Laptop when you reach the end of the rental period.

This contract can also be signed at the end of the Rental Agreement period for a once off price that is currently £90 (excl VAT).

  • When was C2KIT Rentals established?

C2KIT Rentals is a wholly owned subsidiary of C2KIT Computer Supplies (Pty) Ltd (C2KIT) which has operated since 2013. C2KIT has successfully distributed Laptops sourced from the UK since 2016.  The founder and CEO relocated to the UK in 2017 to be closer to the main suppliers and to launch the C2KIT Rental division to serve UK based businesses.

  • Is it possible to rent several Laptops for my business?

We have a range of top brand Laptops to choose from and a single consolidated rental premium is available for multiple Laptops purchased at the same time.

  • Does C2KIT Rentals distribute through retail stores?

We are a B2B online supplier with a central warehouse that delivers, collects and returns.

  • What differentiates C2KIT Rentals from its competitors?

With C2KIT Rentals you get the advantages of Renting rather than paying upfront AND the cost advantages of choosing an “as good as new” Remanufactured Laptop rather than buying new. Also, you get maximum “peace of mind” protection against the risk of hardware failure (standard warranty), and software failure (if you select our optional software warranty).

  • Does C2KIT have any professional affiliations or memberships?

Our company is registered with the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program and Is a member of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce.

Delivery Related Questions

  • How long can I expect to wait for my Laptop to be delivered, if I place my order today?

When your online application is successful, we will contact you to arrange delivery.  We intend to contact you within 2 working days from the time your application is sent online.  Our deliveries usually take place within 5 working days but can be expedited for an additional fee.

  • Can I arrange to have my Laptop delivered to a specific location?

Yes, in addition to delivery to office locations, we can deliver or ship directly to your hotel or convention center, for example.

  • Are factory tested Rental Laptops tested again before they are sent to customers?

The hardware and software in our remanufactured laptops is tested at the factory using specialized software. Once reconfigured to meet customer requirements, a 100 point test is done again on each Laptop at our warehouse before delivery to customers.


Application Related Questions

  • Is the Rental Application credit checked?

Credit status is checked before approval can be given;

  • What information is asked for during the application process?

In line with standard Rental practice, we require business identity information, selected financial status information and certain banking details. See our online rental request form.

  • How long will it take to get my Laptop once my Rental Application has been approved?

Our turn-around time is approximately 3-5 business days from approval. Expedited shipping/delivery available for an additional fee.

Your Risk Under Rental Agreement

  • What is my risk under a Rental Agreement?

When making your monthly rental payments, our standard warranty covers any hardware failure.

Software failure is also covered if you have upgraded to our Full Maintenance Contract;

You are required to insure each Rental Laptop in case it gets damaged, lost or stolen.

Your insurance needs to cover the cost of repairing the damage or paying the remaining premiums on your rental contract if the Laptop is stolen or lost.