C2KIT’s laptops are remanufactured to BS 8887 standards.
C2KIT’s laptops are remanufatured to at least their original performance.
Each laptop comes with a warranty similar to that of a new product.
C2KIT’s laptops do not contain repaired or reconditioned parts.
C2KIT’s remanufacturing and tesing process ensures that each laptop is within all original design specifications.
The laptops' chassis are completely restored.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops all have solid state drives.
C2KIT’s laptop keyboards can potentially outlast new keyboards due to a specialised revitalisation technique.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops undergo a 100-point quality check during the ISO standards approval.
All C2KIT’s laptops undergo a 5+ hour remanufacturing process.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops’ batteries are covered under C2KIT’s limited warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with a standard 24-month limited warranty.
C2KIT warranties can be extended to a 36-month warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.


Does the warranty cover the laptop battery?

All C2KIT laptop batteries are covered by a 6-month limited warranty, Terms and Conditions apply.

Battery Warranty Lime

What performance can I expect from my remanufactured laptop’s battery?

C2KIT laptop batteries will give you a minimum of 60 minutes of normal working time when disconnected from a power source. If you believe your battery is underperforming during normal operating conditions, contact our call centre and we’ll arrange a test on the battery with our specialised battery testing software. If your battery doesn’t performance to the expected standard, we will send you a replacement battery.