How Rental Technology Works

Is Rentals for you?

  • The answer is a resounding “Yes” to laptop leasing UK, if you are a business person looking for solutions that:
  • reduce your overall cost of technology by Laptop Rental; and
  • improve your cash flow, by a laptop lease; and
  • ensure quality and performance are not compromised; and
  • contribute to a lower carbon footprint.
Request a Laptop Rental Quote

Ask for a Quote

The first step is to contact us. There are a few ways to do this; Select Products online, choose any upgrade options and select term (24 months or 36 months), then submit a form. One of our consultants will then make contact with you. You can also use the online chat service or call us to speak to a live agent who will take you through the steps.

Review and Confirm Lapotp Lease

Confirm the Quote

Our Consultant will email you a formal rental quote once your needs are understood. If you then have any questions or would like a change to be made, simply contact your consultant again for assistance. Once you have carefully reviewed your rental quote, confirm by signing and returning the quote and necessary documentation. We will then promptly process the documents and complete the necessary checks and send you a confirmation, that your order is placed.  The process takes about 24 business hours.

Prep and Deliver Remanufactured Laptop Rentals

Delivery Process

Your order will go through a final quality check. Your software will set to our factory defaults unless you have asked for specific settings to be made, in which case your choice will be loaded and tested. Once your notebook or laptop has been inspected to meet our quality standards sent on time to your required destination.

Low Maintenance costs

Returns or Ever-Green

We aim to make your rental experience simple and problem-free.  Once the term of your rental agreement has come to the end, simply contact your consultant to confirm the details of your equipment’s return.  If you have selected to renew, the consultant will agree with you on the replacement and you will receive a replacement rental laptop or notebook for the next 24 months.  If you are not ready to renew your Laptop or Notebook, you can discuss our “Ever-Green” option with your consultant and continue renting on a month to month basis.