Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Each Remanufactured laptop supplied by C2KIT Laptop Rental UK comes with a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity, which means the laptop:

  • Is preinstalled with a genuine Microsoft operating system; and
  • Has access to operating system downloads, updates, and enhanced features;
  • Has an upgrade path to future releases of the Windows operating system software; and

Customers who get their laptops from C2KIT Laptop Rental UK have Windows licenses preinstalled on their Remanufactured machines and can access free web-based support services from Microsoft or they may purchase support from Microsoft on a fee-per-incident basis.

This is because C2KIT Laptop Rental UK sources its remanufactured laptops from a remanufacturer that complies with the following Microsoft requirements, amongst others:

  • Only licensed software is installed; and
  • The contents of the hard drive are erased prior to installing the Windows operating system; and
  • The number of Remanufactured Laptops shipped per month exceeds the minimum average threshold set by Microsoft; and
  • Technical competence to preinstall Windows operating systems exists; and
  • Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure the safe storage and handling of Certificates of Authenticity; and
  • Adequate systems are in place for data wiping and reporting, on all hard disks; and
  • There is conformance with applicable local health, safety, and environmental regulations.