Our Services

Service Hassle Free Warranty and Maintenance. Lenovo, HP and Dell

Our service support is designed to give you complete peace of mind when you purchase or rent from C2KIT. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience by making sure we understand your needs and delivering a customized package.

C2KIT offers unmatched levels of customer support. Our consultants are knowledgeable and have been trained to be experts in the field of computer rentals. They will gladly work with you through each step in the rental process, to ensure that the equipment you choose and warranty option you take will meet your specific needs, within your budget.

Prep and Deliver Remanufactured Laptop Rentals


We deliver directly to your premises.  We offer same day and next day services depending on your location.

Spares & Replacments


When you rent or purchase a large number of Laptops from us we will provide you with spare units just in case something goes wrong. At the occasional time when you need equipment replaced, we get a replacement to you as quickly as possible.


If you chose to take a C2KIT rental solution before we deliver your equipment, you need to provide us with proof of insurance.  This insurance is to cover all accidental damage, loss of equipment and damage of equipment.  This insurance will cover the cost of fixing or replacing equipment damaged during your rental.

Sotware Imaging


For your convenience, we can preload software onto your equipment. In cases where you have ordered a large number of Desktops, laptops or notebooks, we can duplicate your preferred software configuration across all the units.

Warranty and Maintenance


Our warranty option is designed to offer you peace of mind.  When you select your products from C2KIT Rentals you will be covered under warranty for the life of your rental contract.

Warranty and Maintenance