C2KIT’s laptops are remanufactured to BS 8887 standards.
C2KIT’s laptops are remanufatured to at least their original performance.
Each laptop comes with a warranty similar to that of a new product.
C2KIT’s laptops do not contain repaired or reconditioned parts.
C2KIT’s remanufacturing and tesing process ensures that each laptop is within all original design specifications.
The laptops' chassis are completely restored.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops all have solid state drives.
C2KIT’s laptop keyboards can potentially outlast new keyboards due to a specialised revitalisation technique.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops undergo a 100-point quality check during the ISO standards approval.
All C2KIT’s laptops undergo a 5+ hour remanufacturing process.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops’ batteries are covered under C2KIT’s limited warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with a standard 24-month limited warranty.
C2KIT warranties can be extended to a 36-month warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.


Laptop Rental Solution

C2KIT’s Rental Solution offers you the opportunity to maximise your spending power, better manage your cash flow and make your rental experience simple and problem-free.

24 Month Limited Warranty
36 Month Limited Warranty

With no upfront cash payment and either a 24-month or 36-month rental contract, C2KIT’s Rental Solution can be tailored to suit your business’ cash requirements, without compromising the quality and performance of your IT.

If you are renting your first C2KIT remanufactured laptop or refurbished desktop, C2KIT supply and deliver your goods on approval of your rental application. When the term of your rental agreement comes to the end, simply contact your consultant to confirm the details of your equipment’s return.

Returning rental customers can select to use C2KIT’s Rental Life Cycle Management Solution, as an optional value-added service, at no extra cost, which offers you a hassle free, sustainable computing solution for your business.

Lifestyle desktop and/or Laptop Rental Solution
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Select the products you wish to rent online, choose any upgrade options, the term of your desktop and/or laptop rental and then complete the online rental request form. One of our consultants will make contact to confirm your requirements and collect any additional company information we may need to complete your Rental Agreement. Our asset leasing provider will review and approve your application, which on average takes 24 hours. All you will be required to do then, is review and sign the electronic format of your Rental Agreement. On approval, we will despatch your order within 48 hours.

C2KIT Software Imaging

Software imaging

C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops or refurbished desktops come with Windows 10 Professional installed. The license to use the software needs to be activated by the users on receipt of your computer. For orders over 50 computers and returning business rental clients, C2KIT will configure your desktop and/or laptop rental to your specific requirements.

C2KIT Free Delivery


Once your remanufactured laptops or refurbished desktops have been inspected and have met C2KIT’s quality standards, they will be despatched for delivery. Our support team will forward you tracking details of your order, as soon as your order has been despatched.

C2KIT Support


You can access C2KIT’s sales and support teams of highly experienced and qualified IT professionals, between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday, for telephonic and desktop support.

C2KIT Collect


On completion of your rental cycle, C2KIT will collect your current rental computer.

EAL2 and NIST SP 800-88

Data destruction and asset disposal

The data on all returned rental computers will be removed and destroyed using the world’s leading EAL 2+ certified software and any other software required in order to meet the NIST SP 800-88 guidelines for media sanitisations. To ensure a secure audit trail C2KIT will provide a data destruction certificate for all returned rental computers.

Where possible, all returned desktop and laptop rental computers and their wiped hard drives will be recycled and reused. Equipment that has to be disposed of will be done in an environmentally ethical way, which will have the lowest possible environmental impact.


If you have selected to continue with C2KIT’s Rental Life Cycle Management Solution, simply contact our sales and support team to renew your rental agreement. Your consultant will agree with you on the replacement equipment and the rental term, and your business will continue to be part of a sustainable computing solution.

If you are not ready to renew your laptop or desktop, you can discuss C2KIT’s “Ever-Green” option with your consultant and continue renting on a month to month basis.

C2KIT Exceptional Customer Experience
Easy Desktop or Laptop Returns

Returning Rental Equipment

All remanufactured laptops and refurbished desktops must be returned at the end of the rental period in working order. C2KIT accepts fair wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use throughout the rental period. All returned computers must have, as a minimum, the original approved size and type of hard drive, the same size and amount of memory and the laptop screen should have no scratches. You will be liable to pay for any excess damage that falls outside fair wear and tear, to replace parts or components to their original specifications or return the rental equipment to working order.

Terms and conditions apply to all C2KIT’s rentals. The Rental Agreement is between the renter and C2KIT’s finance provider. If you wish to review the terms and conditions before completing your Rental Application form, email us at support@c2kit.co.uk and we will email you a copy of the Rental Agreement.