Warranty and Maintenance

Full Maintenance Plan

Our Warranty is designed to offer you peace of mind.  When you select your products from C2KIT Rentals, you get a warranty which covers the full length of your rental.

Full Rental Life Hardware WarrantyWarranty and Maintenance

Your Laptop is under warranty, from the moment you receive the laptop till you return it.  This is our default Warranty option that covers your laptop for the full length of the rental contract.

What is covered and what is not

Our Full Rental Life Hardware Warranty covers your equipment for any form of hardware mechanical or electrical failure arising from normal use.  All hardware is covered under warranty.

If you have a problem with your laptop you can contact our offices via email, online chat, by filling an online support form or by phoning our office for remote online support.

Our remote support will help to determine the exact problem and the actions to be taken to resolve the problem.  If the problem under warranty can’t be fixed via remote support, we will email you a voucher including instructions to send the laptop back to us via the Royal Mail. We will repair your Laptop and return it to you. If the problem cannot be fixed we will replace it with an exact replacement unit, or a similar unit if we don’t have the same one available.

Please note the warranty is a hardware warranty and does not cover support for the Operating System software or third party software products.

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Support Contact Details:

Phone: +44 (0) 2036482320

Email: support@c2kit.co.uk                                                                                           

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