C2KIT’s laptops are remanufactured to BS 8887 standards.
C2KIT’s laptops are remanufatured to at least their original performance.
Each laptop comes with a warranty similar to that of a new product.
C2KIT’s laptops do not contain repaired or reconditioned parts.
C2KIT’s remanufacturing and tesing process ensures that each laptop is within all original design specifications.
The laptops' chassis are completely restored.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops all have solid state drives.
C2KIT’s laptop keyboards can potentially outlast new keyboards due to a specialised revitalisation technique.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops undergo a 100-point quality check during the ISO standards approval.
All C2KIT’s laptops undergo a 5+ hour remanufacturing process.
All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops’ batteries are covered under C2KIT’s limited warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with a standard 24-month limited warranty.
C2KIT warranties can be extended to a 36-month warranty.
C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.


C2KIT remanufactured laptops have been returned to a performance level, condition and appearance which is as good as new, with no compromise. C2KIT remanufactured laptops are ex-leased laptops sourced from large environmentally conscious corporate and blue-chip companies that undertake periodic upgrades and over time have proved to be a reliable source of quality used equipment.


All C2KIT laptops are expertly rebuilt by our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, who has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited for more than 10 years. The remanufactured laptops are subject to C2KIT’s Quality Assurance Protocol. Each laptop undergoes a meticulous 5-hour remanufacturing process. During the remanufacturing process, any defects are eliminated by repairing or replacing worn-out or obsolete components and modules with new parts that often have higher specifications and deliver better performance than the original parts. The chassis is fully restored which includes respraying in a new soft-touch, gloss or matt finish to eliminate all signs of wear. The keyboards are revitalised using a specialised technique to ensure the lettering is restored to and even outlasts the original specifications. Each C2KIT remanufactured laptop then undergoes a exhaustive 100-point quality check to ensure the quality and performance is as good as, if not better than when they were first made.

Microsoft Regsitered RefurbisherWindows 10 Pro

All C2Kit remanufactured laptops come with a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate guarantees your computer is pre-installed with a genuine Microsoft operating system which means you have access to operating system downloads, updates and enhanced features. In addition, you have an upgrade path to future releases of the Windows operating system software. All C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops come with Windows 10 Professional installed.

24 Month Limited Warranty
36 Month Limited Warranty

Since C2KIT’s remanufactured laptops are Quality Assurance certified, they come with a 24-month limited warranty as standard and a 36-month limited warranty with an equivalent term rental agreement. C2KIT also offer a standard 14-day return policy.

C2KIT only supply Remanufactured Laptops from the world’s leading brands of HP, Lenovo and Dell.

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