What does Remanufactured Mean?

At C2kit Rentals, when we use the term “Remanufactured”, we mean laptops that have been returned to as good as new condition with no compromise. These are laptops that have been through a process:

  • that differs from other recovery processes in that it is complete; and
  • results in a product that matches the same customer expectation as new machines.

The disassembly and recovery process our Microsoft authorized Remanufacturer uses:

  • eliminates defects by repairing or replacing worn out or obsolete components and modules;
  • revives equipment to achieve or exceed original performance levels, by replacing parts that have degraded;
  • fully restores the chassis (outer casing), which usually includes respraying;
  • renews keyboards to ensure that the lettering outlasts even the original specifications.

All C2Kit Rental Remanufactured laptops come with a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity, which means they:

  • are pre-installed with a genuine Microsoft operating system;
  • have access to operating system downloads, updates, and enhanced features; and
  • have an upgrade path to future releases of the Windows operating system software.

C2Kit Rentals offers its Remanufactured laptop range at prices of between 50% and 70% less than new machines with substantially the same specifications. By combining these low prices with a rental solution provides the following key advantages to users compared to buying a new laptop for cash:

  • Substantially lower overall cost because of choosing a Remanufactured laptop rather than a new machine; and
  • Renting means that there is no upfront amount payable as costs are spread monthly over the period of the rental agreement.

C2KIT computers and laptops are typically sourced from large environmentally conscious corporate companies that undertake periodic upgrades and over time have proved to be a reliable source of quality used equipment.

Our British owned re-manufacturer has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation for more than 10 years and ensures quality and reliability based on internationally accepted standards.